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Avoid becoming a victim of scams and fraud!

  • Arrange to meet so the buyer can examine the item before payment
  • Be suspicious of too-good-to-be-true offers;
    there's probably a catch
  • Send money before you've seen the item
  • Send an item before you have been paid
Well known classified scams:
  • Cheap overseas phones (iPhones etc.)
  • Cheap laptops (MacBooks etc.)
  • Cheap loans (overseas)
  • Get rich programs
  • Advance funds fraud
  • Puppy scams




Domestic Employment

ANNIE seeks work as a domestic / child minder full -part time with accom. Has ref. Ph 078-505-7611.
DORCAS seeks work as a office cleaner / domestic full / part-time Mon -Sun with accom. Ref 074-205-7403. Ph 078126-1516.
A MALAWIAN LADY is looking for domestic work, with exp and reference avail, good on ironing, cleaning windows and looking after kids. Call: 073 559 0598
A MALAWIAN LADY I`m looking for a job as a housekeeper with exp & ref available. good in cleaning and looking after kids. Honest & sober habits 063 335 9826 078 512 1234
Abegail, my very honest & reliable domestic of 10 years seeks either 3 extra days a week or full time work. Good with kids. For reference please call Jenny Edwards: 084 417 3288
AGNES req part time domestic work Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, sleep out, child care. Refs. 071 922 3283
ANNA Seeking F/Time job Monda to Friday, slp out. Washing. ironing, cleaning, childcare 072-285- 6374
ANNA seeks work as a domestic full / part time . Ref 061- 904-1624 Ph 073-938-9965.
BEAUTY Requires domestic work on a full time basis. Requires accom. Has refs. 083-951-2233
BEAUTY trusted, hardworker seeks domestic work Tuesday Wednesday, Friday. 073-674-4145
BETTY Seeking Piece job, Tuesday and Wednesday. slp out. Washing, ironing, cleaning. With Ref. avail. 076-781-8787
BUSISIWE req full time domestic work, Mon- Sat, sleep in/out, cooking, child care. Refs. 079 766 3060
CAROLINE Seeks part-time domestic work Mon, Thurs and Fri. Without accomm. Has refs. 073-957-5973
CELIWE wants domestic position. Speaks English. 071- 6226877.
CHARLOTTE wants domestic position. Speaks English. References. 079-6487148.
CYNTHIA seeks domestic, child minder, office cleaner work full/ part-time, accom. Ref 082-787-5771. 079-573-9315
CYNTHIA seeks part/full time domestic work, Mon - Fri, sleep out, child care + refs avail. 073 706 5223
DONALD seeks work as a houseman full / part-time. Ref 0744025896. Ph 074-610-8660.
DORAH Seek full time job Mon-Fri. Sleep in. Clean, wash, iron, cook, child care. Ref: 066-252- 7652082-535-3727
DORIS Seek full time or piecejob Mon-Fri. Sleep in/out. Ref: avail. Cleaning, wahsing, ironing, child care, cooking, 073-733-3946
EDWARD (MWN) Exp houskeeper/gardener seeks full-time/accom. Ref Costa 072-929-2428 071-004-8609
EVA seek full time or piecejob Mon-Fri. Sleep in/out.Ref avail. Cleaning, washing, ironing 076- 340-4337
EVA seeking permanent/ full time job Monday to Friday. Sleep in around Pretoria East.
FAITH wants domestic position. Speaks English. 074-3827313.
FLORAH seeks domestic, childminder, office cleaner Mon, Tues, Thurs,Fri. Ref 084-724-5996. 072-194-7964

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